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What is Retrobotics?
Retrobotics is basically one guy, me, Christopher Jennings. I am an artist located in Chicago. I have been making sterling silver vintage space art for many years and have decided to step it up a bit and produce my designs in limited edition runs. Recently I've begun to explore producing designs using 3D printing.

How do you create the Retrobots?
First I create a prototype. From there I work with a local casting house to create molds and produce the parts. Finally I solder and finish them in my studio. The newer plastic models start as sketches which then become CAD art. From there the designs go to a supplier that individually 3D prints each model.

Are they limited editions?

How big are the Retrobots?
They vary based on each design. The current average size is 3 to 5 inches tall but future designs may be larger or smaller. Size information specific to each design can be found in the gallery section along with a relative size comparison chart.

What are they made of?
Current models are either made in sterling silver or 3D printed in alumide which is a plastic infused with aluminum.

Do they move?
No. They are meant to be small sculptural objects and not actual working toys.

Are they hollow or solid?
Sterling silver models are a mix of solid and hollow pieces whereas the plastic models are mostly hollow.

Does each Retrobot from a specific edition look exactly the same?
Sterling silver models are assembled and finished by hand there may be minor variations between each retrobot. Plastic models are 3D printed and are very consistent.